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    ドラ騎士秘宝勢 -by- ysmt

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  3. afrojesusyoshi said: And I have questions? Do you have any info on what DK doujinshi have been published? From what I can gather, 王国騎士団 did the DK Mixes, and Ohkami published some herself under ねこ はうす 出張所, but it seems like there are more than that...? Also, are there raw scans for the Thatz Confession gaiden anywhere? I know you posted Rath's somewhere. And, er, not a prompt, but opinions on Bierrez/Rath/Cesia OT3?

    I think it’s Rima Ueno who did the DK remixes, there’s also Mikuri Hayashi who did a Rath/Rune doujin that my download says Reverein Scanlations made the raw available, but I can’t find the download link.  Dragon-of-eternal kindly scanned the doujin Mousou Kishidan by Mikaga Mikan.  There are actually quite a few other doujin, but those are the ones I actually have scans of.

    There are scans for the Thatz Confession gaiden (and other things) here on my website.

    Finally on Bierrez/Rath/Cesia OT3—I can easily picture those three in a love triangle, the two of them fighting over Cesia, and I can also imagine Rath and Bierrez coming to a grudging truce in order to make Cesia happy, but I can’t see Rath and Bierrez ever actually getting along on their own, so personally I can’t call them my OT3, but I’m sure there are some other fans out there who might?


  5. afrojesusyoshi said: I just ran through your whole blog in these last couple days, and its been such a joy! Thank you so much! Dragon Knights was my entire life in middle school, I remember preordering the new volumes from the store and being horrorstruck whenever they got delayed. It seems like I chose a really good time to suddenly feel the DK nostalgia too with the sequel coming out~~~

    Awww, it always makes me so happy when I hear my blog helps people rediscover their love of DK.  <3  I also remember going to Barnes and Noble to get the new releases as soon as I could, and occasionally having to special order it, since it wasn’t as popular as a lot of other series, so sometimes they just didn’t stock it. :P

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