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  12. namekian-maoh said: Young / Child Rath and Kharl plz

    The Demon Alchemist sat back with his hands on his hips.  All the preparations were complete.  A tub of water prepared at just the right temperature, all the necessary potions and chemicals picked out and set aside, ready for use.  Now there was only one thing left to do, the most crucial part.

    "Rath!" he called.  "Time for your bath!"

    "No!" the childish voice called back, echoing through the halls that separated him from the bathroom.

    Kharl sighed and swept through the halls in the direction the voice had come from. He rounded a corner and was abruptly faced with the most formidable pillow fort he’d ever seen.

    "Are those my pillows?!" He asked incredulously.

    "No, that’s the north lookout tower," Rath’s voice said from somewhere inside the soft structure.

    Kharl rolled his eyes and began picking apart the cushions and sheets.

    "We’re under attack!  Archers knock your arrows!  Prepare to fire!"

    "Archers?" Kharl muttered.

    "Ready, fire!"  A shower of silverware and chopsticks were suddenly hurled out from a gap between the pillows.

    "Ow!  Rath!"  Kharl switched to his serious demon voice, spreading his wings in a menacing display.  He removed the final cushion to finally reveal the small demon within.  "You will come out of there this instant and take your bath!"

    "Arrows proved unaffective!  The fort is breached!  Retreat!  Retrea—Hey!" He was interrupted as Kharl scooped him up into his arms.

    "There is a time for battle and there is a time for baths.  Right now is a time for baths," Kharl said as he struggled to keep hold of the wriggling demon child.  He carried him back down the hall and to the bathroom, where he dumped him, clothes and all, into the now cooling water.  He warmed it again with a muttered spell.

    "I hate baths," Rath muttered.

    "Tough," Kharl said unsympathetically as he scrubbed shampoo into Rath’s unruly locks.

    "If I have to have a bath, I’d like to at least bathe in the blood of my enemies," the boy said in such a petulant and grouchy voice that Kharl couldn’t help but laugh.

    Just another day on the phantom continent of Arinas.