4. blaine-freis asked: do you know where we can read the bierrez, cesia and gil special ;v;

    I’m pretty sure it’s in volume 13 of the manga.  The title of it translates to “The Doll of the Red Tower” and I remember the English name was something similar.


  5. gilnokoibito asked: C-can I share those wonderful pics to Facebook? :3 (I'll make sure to credit you/add link.)

    Of course!  As long as credit is given, I’m always in favor of sharing DK photos!

  8. Actually, I just realized that there are a lot of drawings of Gil included in the author’s notes??  So here’s some more for you, gilnokoibito.

    (That first image is actually from volume 2, so old!)

  9. That’s kinda it.  Here’s one last little drawing.

  10. If anyone remembers the extra short story (from volume 13, I believe) about Bierrez meeting Cesia and Gil for the first time, it was featured in the second Mineko Ohkami Special, and had a full color spread of the title page, instead of just black and white.

  12. More iphone photos, yayyy.

  13. Just an iphone photo, but the quality is still better than the pic I had before.

  14. gilnokoibito:

    I know this is in color somewhere, but the 5th bunko had this B&W version and I couldn’t resist scanning it. And since I scanned it, I figured I might as well share it too lol.

    As luck would have it, this image was one of the ones from the ‘97 calendar, so now I have a nice, big version.  Gimme a sec, and I’ll post it~